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It is nine years since I started working as a freelance copy-editor and proofreader. During that time, I have copy-edited and/or proofread over sixty guidebooks for the National Trust. Since 2015, I have also worked for Pitkin - now part of Pavilion Books - who have been publishing illustrated guides and histories since the late 1940s.

Assisted by Andrew, my husband, I have helped private clients to edit, design and produce bound copies of their own books. We have worked on memoirs, family histories, a collection of short stories and, most recently, a newsletter for The Fovant Badges Society. The self-publishing trend is a growing one and I believe we offer a particularly personal, supportive and financially competitive service. A description of one of our private client projects  is described under Case Study.

I enjoy my work and time has shown that I am eagle-eyed, committed and reliable. My clients and project editors certainly seem to think so...

​Below are some of the titles I have worked on in recent months:

  • Walk York 

  • HMS Warrior 

  • The Piece Hall, Halifax 

  • Scotland Film Locations 

  • Remarkable Lives - Stephen Hawking 

  • National Trust Film Locations

  • Three Founders of the National Trust

  • Chartres Cathedral

  • Cathedrals of Britain

  • Poldark's Cornwall

  • Lincoln Cathedral

  • Lytes Cary

Professor Stephen Hawking 


Octavia Hill - National Trust Founder

Lytes Cary, National Trust

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