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From manuscript to finished book


Editorial stages

Production stages

typed or maybe even handwritten

photographs, illustrations

-typed or maybe even handwritten

Digital format
The printed text is on a memory stick?  You have an electronic version of your completed but unedited book.

Page layouts

Complete with text, illustrations and captions all in place

Book cover

Cover artwork

Printing the book

Determining quality and quantity

Marketing and distribution

Printing the book

Determining quality and quantity

Your text has been copy-edited and the formatted but needs to be proofread.


This is the service I offer to many of my publisher clients. A proofread is the essential process which picks up any typos, inconsistencies or other problems that have slipped through.

All you may have at this stage is a typed manuscript (or a collection of documents/letters found in the attic) and perhaps some photographs or illustrations. I can help you create electronic versions of these, making the text ready for editing and the pictures ready for inserting into the text.


If you are at this stage I would offer to copy-edit your text. This involves advice on formatting, font, headings, captions, and ensuring consistency, clarity and correct punctuation. Track-changes record any amendments so these can be discussed with you – and you remain in control at all times.

At the copy-editing stage, I can also offer advice on size and location of pictures in the text and help with sourcing illustrations on-line or finding draughtsman/woman for maps etc if required.

Your chosen printer will often offer a cover design service. For a small extra charge, I can obtain quotes from graphic designers.

Production and  Distribution   

This involves you deciding on:
-          the number of copies
-          the quality of paper
-          hardcover or paperback
-          an e-book instead


Colour printing or B&W. All this to be decided before you (or I, on your behalf) approach printers for a quotation.

You may have decided on  the self-publishing route or you may just want to order 50 copies of your book for friends and family.


Either way, my input at the editorial stage ensures a publication of the highest possible quality.




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