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 In 2017, a friend and client, Martin Shallcross, wanted to publish a collection of his popular farming articles. As well as editing and proofreading the text, we worked with him to design the book. Our service included:

  • Friends at the Fovant Badges Association needed help in preparing their annual illustrated newsletter for publication


  • We agreed the size of the newsletter, helped to edit and proof-read the text;  we laid out the illustrations and photographs, tying them in with the text.  There was a mix of pictures of the badges themselves (cut out of the chalk on a Wiltshire hillside), news of activities and events.  We set the size of newsletter (A5), quality of paper (135 gsm gloss covers . . .) and agreed a price with the printer  The whole was an attractive record for members and other interested parties.

We found a very helpful printer, Biddles in Kings Lynn, and provided them with PDF files. From this point the final decisions for our author concerned the type of paper to be used for the book’s pages and cover and the style of binding required. (A good printer will advise on all the options.) 


Within two weeks Martin had 400 nicely bound copies. With the help of the Tisbury Post office he sold 330 in the first six weeks. 


We learned a lot during the editing, design and printing and look forward to helping another client in the same way!     


Martin Shallcross, 2018

‘Charlotte aided by her husband Andrew was an invaluable help to me in publishing the first book under my name. She selected and lightly edited 80 of the articles which I had written for our parish magazine over 15 years, arranging them into chapters. She incorporated photographs, new and old, together with sketches. I am delighted with the result.’