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If you have got as far as my website (other than by accident!) you may be in any one of the following situations:

  • You have written a book, maybe your first – a biography or a novel – which is now a typed manuscript awaiting submission to a publisher or literary agent.

  • You are a local historian who has written a book, perhaps with many pictures, maps and charts, who wishes to get the result of your research and knowledge ‘out there’.

  • You have a collection of family letters or a diary which needs to be organised and edited so that it becomes accessible to new generations of the family and possibly a wider public. 

  • You have written a memoir or maybe a history of your own family and wish it to survive as a proper book – a lasting legacy for posterity.

There are of course many organisations nowadays who offer self-publishing, complete with editorial services, advice on marketing and even distribution, but they do not fit everyone’s requirements and may not offer the personal and detailed support that I can provide. They are also expensive.
Typically my clients will have a completed book – an electronic version on a memory stick, a typescript or even a handwritten text. If it is non-fiction, they may have old photos, family trees, maps and much else beside. 

If your book is at this stage and you think I may be able to help, please do Contact Me.



If you are uncertain about the process, please click on Getting Started.




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