Waiting for 'Good Oh!'

Oh the trials of waiting for freelance work to come in! One, of course, wishes to give the world the impression that your working day is chockfull of projects and that one is in such demand that ‘everyone must wait their turn’. The reality is that there are frequent ‘longueurs’ when no work comes in at all, followed by frantic periods when three projects land in your Inbox at the same time. I have always admired people who start up a small shop or indeed any small enterprise that involves waiting for custom to 'walk through the door’. The business of renting premises, setting up phones and the IT, buying sufficient stock, investing in display materials, advertising and marketing and then sitting behind the counter, fervently hoping that a customer or client will materialize, requires great resilience of mind and self-belief. In the early days, before things take off (...if they ever do), there must be only the prospect of enervating boredom and plenty of time to wonder if starting the business has all been a terrible mistake. Working from home with almost no overheads, I at least am not in that position. As I wait for my next book project, I can get on with cleaning the woodburner and sweeping out the garage. Isn’t that nice?

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