Badges in the Hills

Front Cover of the Newsletter - a dashing pink!

Yes, badges ... not badgers, although they may be there too. The Fovant Badge Society preserves, maintains and honours the regimental emblems cut into the chalk on the hills above the village of Fovant in Wiltshire. The badges were the work of World War One Tommies as they waited to be sent to the Front, over a hundred years ago. Last year we were contacted by the Society and asked to produce their annual newsletter.

We agreed the size of the newsletter, helped to edit and proofread the text, laid out the illustrations and photographs, tying them in with the text. There was a mix of pictures of the badges themselves, news of activities and events and the usual statement of accounts and letter from the Chairman. We set the size of newsletter (A5), quality of paper (135 gsm with gloss covers ) and agreed a price with the printer. The whole makes an attractive record for members of the Fovant Badge Society and other interested parties. The Society asked us to do a similar job this year (see image) and we have been happy to do so.


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