The Wrong Righter

Just back from holiday and I am listening to an enchanting programme on the Radio 4 about a man who spends his free time (at night) putting missing apostrophes into shop and business signage or re-locating them into the correct position - he would like to be called the Wrong Righter (or is that Writer?). How I love that Britain still produces such wonderful, brave and dedicated eccentrics. He really does CARE and (unlike self) he does not just waste time and energy railing against the drowning of the disciplines of literacy in ignorance and philistinism. Not he. He goes out and discreetly makes the corrections. He takes infinite trouble to make sure the apostrophe fits into the sign (of whatever size and in whatever location!) in terms of font and colour and to choose the right material to cover up offending apostrophes which are in the wrong place. He is proud of the quality of his work and upset if something looks not quite right; he is happy to do it without recognition or thanks and prefers to work under cover of darkness when his benign interference is less likely to be challenged. He is a kind of saint, really. The interviewer has just gently suggested that what he is doing could be regarded as criminal damage but Mr Righter has pointed out that he is only using sticky-back plastic and it can be removed if the owner really objects to his amendment. When asked, most owners of the signs do not notice his correction - even though they may have been working under the sign for a decade or more. They are amused and bemused when the change is pointed out to them by the presenter - sometimes they are mildly grateful but they are unlikely to express the view that such things matter, still less to be ashamed of the gaffe.

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